Thank you!

Thank You!

First Church, Once again you have humbled me and made me so incredibly grateful to serve as one of your pastors.  Last weekend at the Community Arts Center (CAC) was a true blessing—both to those who attended and for our community.  I have only heard tremendously positive feedback from those who were able to attend…


We are in CommUNITY

Hello everyone!!!! WELCOME!!! I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being with us today.  Today is all about coming together, celebrating, and discovering life to the full as found in Jesus Christ. We live in a time when all we seem to hear about is division, attack, death, and darkness.  Sometimes we…

Going Deeper

Going Deeper

First Church, One of the joys of watching my children grow over the years has been observing their love for water.  When they were small the most they could do was splash around in the shallow end of a pool. But as they have gotten older and learned to swim better, they have discovered the…

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