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A Head’s Up

First Church, We know that one of the challenges that we constantly face as a growing, changing, congregation is the issue of communication.  Whether it is ministry-related, staff-related, or vision-related, we can never communicate enough on church related matters. We do our best here at First Church to lift up the many points of celebration…

The Right Kind of Fear

First Church, We recognize this week has been filled with a full range of intense emotions. The week began with such horror as we have tried to come to terms with the pure evil that was experienced in the senseless violence in the Orlando night club shootings.  Feelings of sadness, anger, fear, rage, sorrow, and…


What’s Next?

First Church, Sometimes in the midst of all that is going on it can be easy to wonder, “Where are we going?”  Or, more specifically, “What’s Next?” This is a great question.  Unless we are aware of where we are headed, we will head no where. Our vision and missional imperative remains doing all we…

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