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First Church,   We speak often about our vision of “Transformation In Christ, Changing Lives Inside and Out.”  We speak of this because it is a constant reminder of our identity (individuals being transformed in the love of Jesus), our mission (transformation in our lives and the world), and our passion… (Jesus Himself)! In addition…

Replace Yourself

Replace Yourself

First Church,   Because of the importance of our vision of “Transformation in Christ, Changing Lives Inside and Out,” we do our best at First Church to constantly raise up leadership that understands, embraces, and lives out this vision with conviction.  Of course, the concept of vision is not really what is vital… it is…


Revival, Renewal, Resurrection

First Church,   It is hard to believe but Ash Wednesday (the first day of the 40 day Lenten journey towards the cross), is almost here.  It will be Wednesday, February 10.  In addition to our Ash Wednesday service at 7PM in the Evangelical Center (FEC) Sanctuary (which I hope you all will come to),…

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