A Ministry “Good-Bye”

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First Church,

We are in the midst of a series of pastor pages on “The Church At It’s Best—Living as both “Established” and “New” and what this means for First Church specifically. Next week we will get back to sharing some of those thoughts, but today we need to take a break from that series in order to recognize and say “Good bye” to someone very special among us.

As many of you may be aware, Pastor D.G. will be moving with her husband Guy to Colorado at the start of July. Pastor D.G. has been connected with First Church for over two decades. In that time, she has served in a variety of capacities including our staff contact for small groups and now Pastor of Care in particular. During that time, she also sensed a call into pastoral ministry and is now appointed among us as a local pastor.

To say that Pastor D.G. will be missed is an understatement. Pastor D.G. has a deep heart for Christ. She has served tirelessly in whatever capacity she was asked to serve. She has added a voice of wisdom and passion among our staff and in the direction of First Church. She has been the hands and feet of Christ for so many in nursing homes, in people’s homes, and in the hospitals.

In her role as Pastor of Care, Pastor D.G. has raised up other leaders with a similar passion to offer care. She has helped form the first step of our current Disciple’s Journey pathway. She has reached out consistently to those we have not heard from to express care and concern to them. Pastor D.G. has the true gift of speaking the truth in love.

These are just a few of the ministry needs Pastor D.G. has cared for and which we appreciate. Today Pastor D.G. will be sharing her final sermon with us. It is fitting on this Mother’s Day that Pastor D.G., as a mother of three, will be sharing God’s Word with First Church. It is also fitting to note that the reason that she and her husband Guy are moving to Colorado is to be closer to two of their three children. We have been so incredibly blessed by Pastor DG in her time with us. Would you make it a point over the next number of weeks to seek Pastor D.G. out and thank her for all she has done in service to Christ at First Church? Would you also be praying for her as she transitions to this next stage of her life?

Pastor DG has been a tremendous partner in ministry. We give thanks for her and will miss her. We also pray every blessing upon her and Guy as they make this transition. We are always grateful for whatever time God gives us in various seasons of life—in this case, we have been particularly grateful for time with Pastor D.G. We now send her to continue “Transforming Lives In Jesus Christ, Changing Lives Inside and Out.”


In Christ,

Pastor Matt

P.S. Pastor D.G.’s final official day with us will be June 30.