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7 Things That Get Harder as Your Church Grows

First Church, In recent weeks I have been saying something to this effect in many different places: “God is truly doing something special at First Church.” Please know that when I say this, I both mean it, and believe it. It’s true. We are now half way through 2017. Compared to 2016 at this same…

What Exactly Does Our Vision Mean?

First Church, You see it a lot.  I reference it a lot.  But when it comes down to it, what exactly does our vision of “Transformation in Christ, Changing Lives Inside and Out” really mean? At some level I think the answer is fairly obvious.  We we want to see Jesus come and do a…

Love Incarnate

First Church, I LOVE weeks like this past one that we just had!  We talk a lot about how we might impact and influence our community in the love of Jesus Christ and this past week we experienced this in a powerful way—actually TWO ways that I want to celebrate and lift up with you….