Come Dream With Us

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First Church,

Last week I shared with you that we will be experiencing some transitions in the days ahead. Specifically, by the end of this school year, we will be ending our North Campus worship experience on Sunday mornings. As wonderful as our North Campus experience has been, we believe the Lord is leading us to new opportunities for growth in the days ahead.

In fact, the consultant we worked with believes that First Church is primed to continue to grow as we focus and build on the resources and strengths we have. He also described First Church as an incredibly healthy church (specifically stating First Church is “a top 10% church in terms of health and vitality”) with much potential.

Therefore, we will be praying and exploring how these possibilities may become a reality in the days ahead. Our current transition leaves us with some possibilities. Specifically, we are seeking to discern how to best use our North Campus facilities in light of our vision of Transformation in Christ, Changing Lives Inside and Out.

We currently have a number of significant ministries that operate out of the North Campus, such as Family Promise, MOPS, Cochran elementary tutoring, Disciple’s Journey gatherings, early morning prayer, and some small groups (just to name a few) all operate out of the North Campus.

Not only do we need to figure out how best to help these ministries continue, but we want to take this opportunity of transition to dream about what else is possible.

For example, is it possible to launch another type of worship experience at some other time in the week that could be self-sufficient to reach the immediate neighborhood around the North Campus?

Could a new Acts Network group begin to use the North Campus space as a community group or for a worship experience?

Could the North Campus space become a mission/outreach/community center of sorts?

Would it be possible to partner with other local non-profits and form a partnership to house them that would be beneficial to them and to us?

Is there some other idea folks have to best use our North Campus?

Or do we simply need to explore finding a way to sell the building that has housed the North Campus?

Whatever decisions we make with our North Campus facilities, those decisions must help us fulfill our vision of Transformation In Christ, Changing Lives Inside and Out.

If you are interested in dreaming about possibilities related to the North Campus, you are invited to join us at the North Campus on Sunday, March 11 at 2 PM for a time of brainstorming and sharing together. At this gathering, we will collect ideas, discover how much interest there may be around various possibilities, and start to build some consensus around next steps. If you desire to be a part of dreaming about North Campus possibilities but cannot join us this day, please contact the church office and let us know so we can be follow-up with you.

It is my sincere belief that significant days lie ahead First Church. I believe God is preparing us for a holy time of growth and purpose. May we be open to whatever God has in store.


In Christ,

Pastor Matt