Getting Started

Jesus calls to us:  “Follow me”.  In God’s grace, we are called to follow Jesus as disciples.  The life of faith makes us a new creation.  Life with Christ is dynamic and going somewhere. It is not stagnant.  We are on a spiritual journey of transformation as we grow from ignoring God toward centering all of life on Christ.  There are steps we can take on a pathway of discipleship that will help keep us moving closer to Christ.



New to First Church? Each month we provide the opportunity to join one of our pastors for a few minutes, getting to know First Church and learning about the ministries most relevant for you. Bring the kids.

  • After 8:00 service; room 206 near the lounge
  • After 9:30 service; room 206 near the lounge
  • After 11:00 Life Center service; upstairs in the loft
  • After 11:00 North Campus service; in the Fellowship room 

Perhaps you’ve been worshipping at First Church and you’re ready to get more involved and go deeper in your spiritual journey. Sign up for the six week group called “A Disciple’s Path”. The focus of the group is on practices that contribute to growth as you discover your spiritual gifts and place for ministry according to your passion. This group is all about growth and connection at First Church. It is also the path for membership if you decide to take the step of joining First Church at any time. Led by Pastor D.G., the next group of “A Disciple’s Path” will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 7:00 PM beginning September 6th. Register by calling (570-322-3572), by e-mailing Pastor D.G. at, , or by noting your interest on the communication card.

Some of these steps are toward forming good personal spiritual habits; and some are steps we take as part of the Body of Christ, the church.  Either way, First Church provides opportunities for you to grow and take next steps. 



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