Invite… Teach… Send… PRAY

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First Church,

For many years we have focused on the core practices of Inviting (others to know Christ), Teaching (one another to grow in Christ), and Sending (to serve as the hands and feet of Christ) in order to live out our vision of Transformation in Christ, Changing Lives Inside and Out.

We continue to focus on these practices but we also recognize that we must also consistently be a people of PRAYER.  Prayer serves as the life-line between us and God that keeps us continually oriented towards God rather than ourselves.  I sincerely believe that to experience the God-sized results that God’s church is designed for we must be a people of prayer.

For me personally I am struck and surprised by the words of Jesus in Mark 9:29 which speak to the power of prayer.  At that point in the scriptures the disciples have been unable to cast out an impure spirit.  Then Jesus IS able to cast it out.  When the disciples ask why they could NOT cast out the impure spirit Jesus says, “This kind can come out only by prayer.”

What a powerful statement!  If we did not know better, we might be led to think that the disciples, for all the good they were doing, were simply not praying enough to be equipped to take such a significant step?

Could this be part of our problem as well?  Could it be that we do not experience the full power of God as individuals or as a whole church because we are not praying enough?

I believe that until intentional, disciplined prayer becomes part of our regular lives we will never experience the full extent of the Kingdom of God among us.

So I ask… will you join with me in prayer?  Every day?  Either in person or in your own personal time with God?  Specifically now that Lent has begun we are joining every MondayFriday at the North Campus from 6AM-6:30AM in silent prayer.  I invite you if your work and life schedule allow to come and join together in this time.

Prayer is often the catalyst used by God for revival, renewal, growth, baptisms, professions of faith, and the unleashing of the Holy Spirit!  And God gives it to us in abundant fashion.  By God’s grace may it be so for us.

I look forward to praying with you First Church…

In Christ,

Pastor Matt