Lead Council Communication and Transparency

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First Church,

As you know we have been blessed in recent years by the service and leadership of our Lead Council.  We shifted to this governance model a few years ago in order to simplify our governance structure by making it both more nimble and more efficient.  We did this by taking three representatives each from the previous Trustees (currently Ed Alberts, Shirley Durrwachter, and Jen Rodgers), Finance (currently Steve Takach, Carol Fausnaught, and Paul Braunegg), and Staff Parish Relations (currently Doreen Decker, John Best, and Ali Dinges) committees for a total of nine voting members and combining them with three non-voting staff positions for a total team of 12.  These individuals are prayerfully selected for three year terms by a separate lay nominating team.

One of the biggest challenges the Lead Council faces is around the issue of communication.  This remains the primary issue that folks ask about.  Please know that it is the strong desire of the Lead Council to be as continually transparent as possible with the congregation.

Steps that the Council has taken in order to be transparent include: Sending Council minutes out to staff members, placing various articles in the newsletter at different times, receiving messages from Lead Council chair person, John Best in the pastor’s page, utilizing multiple break-out sessions at our Leadership Day Apart, and having both Pastor Matt and John Best visit all the small groups who will welcome them.

Moving forward, Council minutes will be made available to congregants upon request to the Church office.

Also, it is important to remember that all monthly Council meetings are open to ANY First Church member who wishes to attend.  Only if sensitive staff or financial issues arise would the meeting need to be closed but this is an incredibly rare instance.

All of these are ways our Lead Council seeks to be transparent and communicate efficiently.  And if all of these ways still do not answer questions you may have, PLEASE feel free to talk with any of the current members of the Lead Council… especially our chairperson John Best.

Most of all, please pray for these individuals as they seek to make faithful decisions for our church—and when you get the chance, say “Thank you” in the spirit of #buildup429…  They truly have servants hearts and carry a heavy burden of responsibility for First Church.  We are most blessed by their service and dedication.

In Christ,

Pastor Matt