Reading the Bible

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First Church,

Few things are more important to our soul than being filled with God’s Holy Word.  And yet it is not something that comes very easy to us.  I have asked Pastor Janet to share the following message about reading the Bible as it relates to our current sermon series.

“Do you ever have trouble understanding the Bible when you try to read it?  Most people experience that at some point.  It can be hard to develop a habit of reading the Bible when it is hard to understand.  Throughout this current sermon series on God’s law and grace, you may notice that we at times depart from our usual practice of using the New International Version (NIV) in worship.  Instead, we are using the NIrV.  The “r” stands for “readers.”  This version is a little easier to understand.  It is a great choice for reading Scripture with children or for anyone who just wants to experience a simpler and sometimes clearer translation of Scripture.  The Worship Design Team thought that it would help us to “hear” Deuteronomy more clearly as we go through the “Law & Grace” sermon series.  You can check out the NIrV using online tools, such

Another tool that can be helpful in reading Scripture is a free app called “YouVersion” developed by  This app allows you to have Scripture at your fingertips any time you have your smartphone with you.  You can choose from multiple translations and can even set it to read to you.  If you are pressed for time, YouVersion allows you to listen to Scripture as you drive to work or do other things.  And if you have children, check out YouVersion’s Bible App for kids.

Reading God’s Word doesn’t need to be difficult or frustrating.  The Psalmist wrote, “Your words are very sweet to my taste! They are sweeter than honey to me.” (Psalm 119:103 NIrV)  May we too find that Scripture is sweeter than honey and that the more we read it, the more we love it.”

May we be a people filled with the sweetness of God’s holy Word!  And experience the life that it offers.  We hope this current sermon series will give all of us that very opportunity.


In Christ,

Pastor Matt